Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

If your'e planning on building a new home  it makes sense to understand the principles behind what makes a home sustainable and solar passive. At the very least your home will have to achieve a 6 Star Energy Efficiency Rating under new legislation, but we would recommend taking it many steps further. A home will possibly be the biggest investment you ever make, so why not make it an investment that will grow in value, be comfortable to live in, and not place an undue impact on the environment. By incorporating sustainable principles into your home you will be future proofing your investment.

If you are new to ideas about eco-homes, we suggest you download our free PDF handbook "Green Living Simplified" (below) that gives you a basic introduction to principles you will need to understand to build a sustainable home. If you would like to get a more thorough knowledge of all aspects of sustainable building, we would recommend our book "Eco Logical Living" in which we take you through 10 Essentials of sustainable design with  project examples done by our practice.You can order a hardcopy of the book through the studio, or an online version by following the links outlined in our 'Publications' section.

We also recommend reading the Case Studies section on our website which looks at some of our completed homes and describes the process of design and what sustainable principles have been included. It is fascinating to read some of our client's "green stories"and how they came about achieving their dreams.

Finally,  if you would like to stay on top of what we are doing and learn more about the latest 'eco' developments and materials, we suggest signing up for our monthly newsletter "My sustainable home" in the newsletter section of our website.

Sustainably yours,

John Damant